Hi! We’re the Lockwoods. Like most motley artist families, we do a little bit of everything.

We’ve been making music together for fourteen years, four of those years touring full-time with a group of friends, and then a few years touring part-time and recording a lot. We now serve as worship leaders in our local church in central Florida and are working on a project called “Hymns at Home”, to be released later in 2019. Our passion in songwriting is the unique blend of creativity + rich theology + raw honesty. We are inspired by Scripture, good stories, strong coffee, scenic hiking trails, honeysuckle, parenting and marriage “aHa’s”, among many other worthy things.

We founded a creative community in Nashville called “Mug & Pencil” that we enjoy taking on the road when possible, and hope to establish here in Florida. Molly loves to speak, teach, and lead worship at women’s conferences when able, and especially loves singing to groups of moms. Together, Molly and Patrick enjoy playing for weddings, but only if wedding cake is included. Patrick enjoys his side gig as one-half of Jimmytrick Sweetwood, a music production company duo that writes and produces podcast musicals and more!

When we’re not out exploring or reading aloud to our boys, the Lockwoods are busy building out a branch of our ministry called “Honey for the Heart”, a tool to help families memorize Scripture and find encouragement to center their lives around God’s Word.

Enjoy perusing our website!