I Belong

I know that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within me

Whom I have from God

I am not my own

I was bought with a price


I will glorify God with my body


Listen to “I Belong.” Then find some pictures of beautiful churches and temples, using a book resource or the internet.

Then ask your child/children… 

Can you point to the tallest steeple?  

Can you point to the shiniest part of the temple?  

If you could worship God in one of these majestic temples, which one would you pick?

What is a temple, anyway?  A temple is a building set apart for worshipping God.  A long time ago, Jewish people would go to the Temple because God’s Presence was there and they wanted to be near God!  Well, now we don’t need to go to a shiny temple to find God’s Presence.  The Bible says that when you believe and trust in Jesus, you receive the free gift of eternal life AND another wonderful gift: Jesus’ Holy Spirit comes to fill you up on the inside!  You are now a temple!!  Oh, I know your skin is not made of stone or bricks, and there is no steeple growing out of your head.  But if the Holy Spirit is within you, your body is a templefor God to dwell in.

Stretch out your arms and take a look at your hands.  Look very closely.  Now stretch out your legs and look at your feet.  Wiggle your ears.  Blink your eyes three times.  Open your mouth wide.  Your body-every single part of it- is set apart to worship God.    

Then listen again, to “I Belong.”

  • A Prayer

Dear Father, thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to dwell inside everyone who believes and trusts in Jesus Christ.  How can I glorify You with my body?  Please show me, and help me.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Patrick Lockwood